Monday, August 24, 2009

On The Wedding Preparations:

Well, in the crafts department, we cut out, tore jagged, hole punched, white glued, hot glued and folded. We cut ribbon, strung ribbon, knotted ribbon, bowed ribbon. Miles and miles and miles of ribbon. We labeled, we collated, we traded jobs, assembly lined and talked. Everyone who wanted to found something to do to help out in one way or another.

There were store runs, ice runs, beer and wine runs. Hair and nail appointments. Naps for little ones and a few of the older folks too. Almost everyone that showed up offered to help out or just happened to have what was needed or forgotten on hand.

Food arrived, flowers arrived, lots and lots of people arrived. All needing to be directed to their places, mixed together and turned out right. All hands that could were engaged to make it work out and come together in time. All as introductions were made all around time and time again.

The place they had chosen to have the wedding was a retreat center and also a youth hostel. It was all fairly primitive, so there wasn't a lot of comforts to be had.

The weather was very hot and humid the entire time, with only one room in the hole place having any air conditioning. Even the envelopes for the cards stuck together before they could be used. Everyone dripped and glistened, they showered more then once a day with little or no relief and still we were all just happy to be there. Every fan that could be found or placed by an electrical outlet was employed to keep everyone as cool as possible.

Everyone did their best to make it come out right for the happy couple with the least amount of trouble for them. Not everything went according to plan, but nothing ever really does. Still, we all worked hard so that they could have the best day everyone there could make happen.

Food was shared, music was shared, conversation and friendship and space in the only cool room or the only room where food was allowed or the space for the crafting was shared.

The weather was changeable. The rain came down then the sun came out, followed by thunder and lightening splitting the sky. All will amazing frequency. Still the lights only blinked, but never went out for more then a second or two.

Everyone did their level best to get it all done and be as pleasant as possible for the good of all. And I have to say, I only had one melt down, despite having been stripped of all my comfort zones the entire time. What couldn’t be fixed was rigged to work and or covered over to make the best of.

In the end everything that needed to get done to pull it all off and all was done by the time it was needed to be. Everyone I talked to was having a good time or said they were and there were never a lack of smiling faces in every direction.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the wedding.

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Rebecca Nazar said...

Sounds lovely, this shared experience. That's what marriage is all about. Looking forward to reading more.