Friday, August 21, 2009

On Wedding Prep:

The bride is off getting her nails done. The groom, Prince Charming, is… Well I don’t know where he is at the moment. My mother is changing her purse to match her clothing today and I’m sitting here cooling down after yoga and breakfast.

When the bride, the Princess Daughter, gets back there are still many things of crafting and decorating to be done before the rehearsal dinner/Barbeque this evening. The one table in the dinning room is still full of stuff from last night. We were working on three tables yesterday until the late hours.

Things have been going well for the most part so far. (Keep out you manic gods.)

The groom just came in so crafting is about to resume.

More later if I find the time.

By the way, Thanks for all the well wishes. The bridal party says thank you too.

1 comment:

BlackCrow said...

your making me feel all excited and nervous!!

Have a great time,hope you've packed plenty of tissues:)
Big hugs all round!!