Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On What Else Was Going On (While I Was Not Blogging), Part 1:

We had a visitor to the pond. Mountain Man went down to the pond one day to feed the fish and noted that there weren’t as many fish as a few days before. As he was feeding them something came up from the bottom and started eating the food he had put in the pond for the fish.

This was the snapping turtle, and a nasty piece of work he was too. Mountain Man had to kill it because it was going after him and Lady Long, the dog. We don’t know where it came from, but we are hoping no more come along.

Lady Short is still alive. For how long I do not know. She sleeps and coughs, but does little else.

I’ve been too busy to work on loosing much more weight. It takes time to exercise. Though I did start doing the Wii again, now that my thumb is laid up. Funny how I never ‘don’t’ find the time to eat too much.

We’ve been picking blueberries and canning them now. The Raspberries are all done and for that, I am sorry. I didn’t get to make jam and can any of them. We just didn’t get enough this year from our berry patch.

The garden is a Hodge-Podge of plants that did and didn’t like the cooler wetter weather we had this year. We had a very bad year for tomatoes. The peas, carrots and melons were eaten before they got a chance to come up more then an inch. The potatoes and corn have a must/smut on them. But the beets and lettuce have been happy and the cucumbers are growing in pots. The others, like the beans, are holding their own for now.

More tomorrow.


Mouse said...

Eeek-- snapping turtle! A friend of my family used to have a lake we'd swim in when I was a kid and there was a snapping turtle up there.. it used to scare me to death!

I hope you buried that thing after he killed it so that you could go back and retrieve the shell later!!!

BlackCrow said...

ouch!! Wow can those things do that much damage?
Just came in from doing a bit of gardening, the only things that are really growing are the broccoli which is cool as its very expensive in the shops. But everything else is covered in wet muddy weeds, healthy looking weeds but not very pleasant to work in. finally a day with out rain so gotta get some clothes washing done:(
Love the head piece.... very ephemeral!