Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On The Wedding Day, Part 2:

The sun came out and the guests were seated in the damp seats as they were sprinkled with rain drops from the trees over head. But this didn’t seem to dampen any of the spirits of those participating.

The parents and grandparents were given bouquets and boutonnieres then sent to their seats in the front rows. Hydrangeas and Calla Lilies were the flowers of the day.

There was a musical piece played and the groom with the brides uncle, who was the temporary official for the day, came up the isle and into place. The music changed and the wedding party alternating women and men came from the main building down the stairs and across the lawn, then up the main isle to the front on each side of the wedding arch.

The brides maids wore chocolate brown dresses with sage green shawls and the groom and his men wore brown slacks with tan jackets. The flower girl/ring barer wore a sage green dress and gave out calla lilies to the people on the isle seats as she went to the front.

The music changed again and I made the mistake of looking at the door of the building and I saw just the hem of the Daughter Princess’s bridal gown. I started to cry so hard I missed her walking over the lawn and up the isle.

I did get to see her arrive at the wedding arch and take the grooms hands. It was apparent to anyone with eyes and were there that they are truly in love. It over flowed and dripped from them like the rain dripping from the trees over head.

There was a reading done by the bride’s father of a poem asking the blessings from all of nature on the wedding. The wedding couple wrote their own vows, they were lovely and punctuated with just the right amount of humor.

(At one point a neighbor started his shooting practice and many jokes went around the seated guests about a shotgun wedding, which this was not one of, but was funny just the same, even to the wedding party.)

The flower girl brought over the rings which were exchanged. They kissed and it was announced that they were now ‘husband and wife.’

The bride and groom went to the back of the seats to the edge of the lawn and planted a bush and the wedding party followed down the isle when they were done.

While we were moving over to a close hillside to have a group picture the chairs were moved to the tables under the tent. And as the rest of picture taking was underway the guests circulated in the tent, and played lawn games. While the picture taking continued a rainbow graced the sky behind the wedding couple. The hem of her gown was also graced by a dragon fly during the pictures.

Picture of wedding arch from the side before the flowers and ribbons were put on it.

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Sooticas Dream said...

It sounds like it was really lovely!
If I ever get married, I'd love to have the wedding in a similar way...outside.