Friday, August 21, 2009

On Traveling:

I don’t travel well. Or maybe I do, but only in first class. Our car is not first class. It does not have air conditioning or a window on the passenger side that works.

We started out only 20 minutes later then we wanted to, so all things considered, we were doing pretty good as a whole. (Two of our party don’t often get out the door on time.)

We were bright eyed and bushy tailed. Looking forward to arriving at our destination by Noon, or about six hours after our departure. All this despite the early hour and everything looking up.

The fog was thick as pea soup as we motored on down the road. It slowed us only a bit. We soldered onward knowing that the fog would lift as the sun rose in the sky. And lift it did. Bright sun shine filled the sky and the car with warmth. We opened the windows that still worked. But, down the road the fog returned. Then bright…then fog…then bright…then…you get the picture. All this for the first few hours until it melted into a very hot and very humid day.

Pit stops, gas stops, food stops, rest stops. We made our way over bridges and roadways onward towards our destination. Ten miles, twenty miles, one hundred miles then two and even more went by. Maps checked… well no they where left at home, but thankfully the directions printed off the web were well in hand. One state, two states, three states were behind us.

We finally tired and sweaty reached the state of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania far behind. We were within the last hundred miles of our goal. Sticky weary spirits rose. Almost there, the last leg of the journey, most of the road construction, time and miles behind us, the on ramp to the last section of our jaunt firmly under our tires… and the traffic stops.

We sat in that hot car in the sun, with no air conditioning, and only windows that would go half way down for over an hour while they cleared an accident from the roadway some five miles from our current spot.

We arrived, not happy and contented, at the retreat center. Nor were we ready to jump right into the fray of crafting and decoration that awaited. We showered and ate, rested up a bit and finally managed to revive ourselves somewhat.

I am going to tell myself that the rest of the weekend is bound to go much better. What else could happen? Right?

Gods of mayhem and trickery, you can look the other way now. There is no more fun to be had here. This wedding is going to go off without a hitch because Lady Euphoria Deathwatch says so.

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Like Bill Clinton said, "I feel your pain."

Best wishes to the bride and groom.