Monday, August 3, 2009

On Here But Very Busy:

I’m here but ever so busy. I’ve been having migraine head aches again and I’ve still so much to do before the wedding. Who knew that wedding took so much time and energy to pull off.

I’ll writer when I can but I can’t say how often. I haven’t been on the computer for days before this.

I hope all is well with all of you and plan to resume posting regularly by September.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Good luck with the wedding. They can be stressful.

BlackCrow said...

I feel a headache coming on hopefully I can deal with it buy popping a couple of pills. Usually I get 1-2 severe headaches a month, very debilitating.
Very busy down here too....Bf left me the wood to chop, tomatoes seeds and other veggies seeds to sow. Looks like a nice day outside but very cold. May just stay inside and paint a bit.
oh good luck with your daughters wedding!

Judith said...

Hang in there, girlfriend! We understand! Sending you positive and healing thoughts.