Monday, July 27, 2009

On Lavender and Lace:

Sorry, I got lost this morning in the garden. I started to pick Raspberries for my breakfast and then I started to weed in the flowers. I have been neglecting my non-food gardening. The Day Lily’s have Jewel Weed growing as high as they are.

Some things are doing better. The Pee Gee Hydrangeas are starting to blossom. But they are on the lawn and Mountain Man has been keeping most of the weeds away with the mower. The weeds that have yet to be pulled at the base.

These two, I don’t know their name, has hundreds of honey bees humming away on it’s many blossoms all day long.

My lavender is over run with weeds. So much so, I had trouble finding the lavender at all. My lavender patch this year is all new plants. My older plants died in a bad winter that split the stems. I moved the patch to the side of the house so the freeze and frost won’t bother the plants as much.

I’m a lavender and lace lady. Lavender oil is my scent of choice and I use lavender all over the house. I store my linens with lavender between the sheets. I have bowls of the dried flowers as room fresheners. I use lavender salts in my bath, lavender soap and lavender shampoo.

My crop of flowers are as low and slow as the veggies in this wet, cool and rainy year. Today I weeded. Now I have top get back to sewing the lace on the things for the wedding.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Lovely . . . I don't have much in the way of bees, but I do have three hummingbirds this year. Whoa, they eat a lot, draining my three feeders in a couple of days.

Rachel May said...

what a beautiful garden! Raspberries for breakfast from the garden - that sounds divine.


The unknowns may be soapwort. Also, jewel gives a dark orange dye.

All of my out door flowers have either grown stronger or died from my neglect. I just can't get out and do like I used to could.

BlackCrow said...

oh how decadent...raspberries for breakfast!!I pulled out the raspberries last year only ever had one good crop, broad beans are growing there now and are doing well.
Started weeding a couple of days joy everything is so wet and muddy. The only fun I did have was when bulldozer bunny came along to help dig out the dahlias. sheesh its raining again!!
Lavender, I used to dislike it as a kid cos' of my mum spraying it everywhere around the house. Until I smelt the real thing and have been growing it myself now for years...I have somewhere a recipe for lavender Creme Brulee that I'd like to try one day!