Saturday, July 4, 2009

On Grumble, Groan and Grouse:

Yesterday it rained. Not all day, but on and off thunder storms. Enough hard rain to cause mud slides that close one of the roads down the mountain. But we did get a few visitors anyway, when the rain held off.

A Ruffed Grouse and her six children came through the yard and over the north wall into the garden.

Ruffed Grouse is the Pennsylvania State Bird and is also called The Wild Chicken. They are game birds and we hadn’t seen much of them in the last few years.

The first picture is of the Mother with her crest up. Followed by two of her chicks. (Sorry for the blurry ones, they were taken through the screen on the door.)

The chicks are almost as large as she is but not as well feathered.

They moved to the wall, and over they went. I think I got a few good shots as they did.

By the time I crept out the door and to the wall to see what they were up to in the garden, they were going over the west wall and were off into the woods.

Have a Happy ‘Fourth of July’ America!



Grouse and babies! Cool.

BlackCrow said...

Rain, wind and snow is what the weather has been doing for the last few days, it looks like a big wet muddy sponge outside! the garden is a mess, full of weeds in all the wrong spots! Need to buy me some gumboots and rain coat to do some work out there. That's pretty cool to see these birds in the wild, they remind me of the game bird cooking course I did before I became a vegetarian!