Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Temptation, but It Feels Like Cheating:

Is it really cheating if I don’t do the exercises for my Wii Active the way they want me to?

You see, there is a strap with a pocket that the other half of the control sticks goes into so the game knows if you are, in fact, doing the exercise. This strap goes on your thigh. They made it big enough for even my massive thighs, so fatties like me can play also. (It even has an extender strap if needed.)

The trouble is, I’ve been having a problem with it registering on the game that I have, in fact, been doing what it is I’m supposed to be doing. I am doing the exercises, but as the fat gets softer so it can be used up and get off of my body, I am now a wiggling, giggling mass of flesh.

I keep on getting a message that I must stop and be still between the segments of each exercise for the game to register that I am doing it correctly. I stop and read this message, as my muscles scream ‘Oh, Yes You Are Doing It Right.’ I’ve stopped but my fat is still doing the wave on my thigh and other parts of my body.

Lately I have been holding the nun-chuck in my other hand and simulate the movement of my leg as I do the exercises. I’m working hard, gaining strength and loosing weight. I’m not interrupted while doing the exercises to read the silly message and the rhythm and fun in my exercising is back.

So why does it feel like I’m cheating?

(Probably, because now I know, that if I wanted to… I could sit on the couch and flick my wrists and get credit for it, without the work. And I don‘t like that kind of temptation.)

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BlackCrow said...

That's not cheating!!
I know I'm cheating....once I read a muscle magazine....well maybe more than once, I used to lift weights, anyway they mentioned that you can loose weight by visualizing that you are exercising, getting fitter and slimmer! how cool is that. Plus there is muscle memory which I'm relying on to kick in when I do get off my butt!