Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On Cemetery Visits and Friends:

I missed you guys. (I grew up just outside of New York City. ‘You Guys’ means people, friends, not just males.) My girl friend that had posted for me in the past was on vacation, camping to get away from technology, so I didn’t even have her to tell you that I was having computer difficulties.

Cut off and busy playing ‘Miss Fix It’, I had a lot of time to think. I put some things in perspective and got my head straitened out a bit more. A good thing I think. That was when I wasn’t cursing at what I was doing at the moment.

I’m very glad to be back. The rhythm in my life has returned. I’m not stuck boring myself to death with the same old things in my head. I’m an input person. I need new things to think, do, or see. And summer means reruns and dribble on TV. Oh, how I missed my computer.

I didn’t get much crafting done because I was moving my desk, with all its stuff on it, and furniture around and back to get to the wiring. A big job in anyone’s book. I’m also a stuff person.

I’m still catching up on reading all the blogs I follow and also the ones I look in on. Not to mention my email boxes. I find myself wanting to comment on everything I read and making a pest of myself again. I’m using restraint or I‘d never catch up.

On the sixth of July, I had a good day, if you could call it that, mourning my sons death. My Ex called to tell me that one of my son’s old friends saw him in town. She showed my Ex a tattoo she has on her ankle ‘RIP Kevin’ and told him she still goes to the cemetery to visit him. It is nice to know that others still remember ten years later.

I’m glad to be back among my friends in cyber space. Hello to all of you out there. I missed you while I was gone.


Mouse said...

I always think that I would get a shocking amount of stuff done if I turned my computer off but instead I spend my time moping and shuffling around the house without purpose.


We missed you, too.