Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On The Dog is Still Sick:

I can’t get the hang of being a night person. Early mornings, yes. Sleeping in, no.

My whole day is all mixed up and fractured. Plans are not fulfilled. I seem to get absolutely nothing done. And I can’t find time for even the most important things.

Not that I’m wishing the dog dead, I just want my life back in a workable condition. All knitting I’ve done has been ripped out do to simple mistakes.

I didn’t even attempt to get on the roof to take the pictures of the wall. I keep on tripping over my own two feet. My knees are hurting from the contact with the ground. See the dents?

This is more then jet lag. It has the added worry of the final illness of a loved pet added to it. I’m trying to be positive, but I just don’t have the strength. I’m just tired and I want an end to this.

I can’t even get the blog out daily much as I try. And I have been trying.

I’ll tell myself, ‘Just after I clean up this dog pee. Or I get a shower. Or I throw in another load of pooped or puked on doggie blankets in the wash.’

I’m supposed to be having fun getting ready for my daughters wedding, am I right? Now it is looking like Mountain Man won’t be coming to the wedding to stay home with the sick dog. All that Tango practice while not wasted won’t be being shown off at the wedding after all.

I understand that this dog is his baby. But my baby is having her wedding. And it is being upstaged in my house by a dog who just won’t die. That sounds bad, but I think you know what I mean. If she is going to die anyway I’m tired and I’d like is over with.

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Anonymous said...

I understand how the changing of sleep habits can throw the whole day off. When DS is having one of those nights and I sleep in my whole day seems a bit backwards. And I understand your feelings about the dog. It's sad and easy to feel guilty and frustrated when it's making life uncomfortable and challenging. Hang in there.

And I'm so glad to read your posts when your are able to get to them. I missed them there for a while. It gives me such a nice little brake from my life to read about someone else's.

Take Care, and a speed quiet death to your dog.