Thursday, July 23, 2009

On Flight with Fairies:

What to do when life is not going your way? Why, Break out your fairy wings of course. I’ve been wearing my fairy wings for the last few days and it has done me wonders.

I have both large and small wings as you can see by the picture. The large are fun, but have the draw back of getting in the way while trying to get things done around the house.

I had to start with the large black, being in the mood I was in, but I quickly progressed to the ladybug by afternoon. Having a lot of wings also makes it easier to color coordinate with the clothing of the day. Or the mood I’m striving for.

A woman can never have too many wings! I am teaching Mountain Man this fact. We are both having trouble with this loss process. (The dog still lives by the way.)

Being Goth is not a ‘get out of mourning free’ card. Nor is it a revelry in death, although that is done at times also. It is an acceptance of death as part of life and a giving of joy to its mysteries. That said, it is not any easier to go through the times of loss for a Goth any more then the rest of the people out there. And for some even harder.

I love this dog of ours. I mourn her loss in my life as I would a person. But I also know that putting on a sour face and tears won’t make it more bearable. So I choose wings and dancing in the wind. Flying with fairies.

The days of sadness come unbidden into our lives. But fun is there for the making.

Flight With Fairies
by Lady Euphoria Deathwatch

Come fly with me on fairy wings,
To lands not seen round here.
Where candy grows on bushes,
And honey flows like beer.

The wind is warm, the light is right,
We haven’t got a care.
And all we have to do all day,
Is play and laugh and share.

The darker side of life we know,
Is just around the bend.
But here we’re safe with fairies,
And the fun will never end.


Anonymous said...

How fun! I remember you talking about your fairy wings before. That does lighten things up considerably. I think I'm going to have to see if I can find out how to make some. My kids could use some wings as much as I can.:)


Mouse said...

*hugs* If you want a bit of a distraction.. Coraline just came out on DVD yesterday. My son loved it but I had a bit of a hard time with all of the changes made from the original story. It was good though..

BlackCrow said...

What a terrific poem...did you just write it on the spur of the moment?

Oh I know how it is with sick pets...our old fat kitty we know must have kidney problems and is looking rather frail and doing weird things but she refuses to give up. Still running across roads playing chicken with cars, running up trees and endlessly abusing us for letting the fire die down or her bowl not full every 1o minutes. last night she even had the audacity to complain to one of our visitors that he was talking too loudly not letting her get a word in!
The fairy wings are great... I remember you mentioned them before, you did the house cleaning with them. We have a catering job on soon and I'm psyching myself up for that one.
Take care.