Thursday, July 2, 2009

On Stuck in a Not So Good Place:

Sorry for the complaint, but how else do I explain my absences.

I’m here and alive, but feel like that is just barely. The rain keeps coming down daily. I keep on having sinus headaches that lead to migraines. I spend days in the darkened bedroom waiting for my life to be able to continue.

Every few days I get a break and only have a sinus headache and I run around like a chicken without a head, cleaning and doing laundry, shopping and taking care of the dogs, before the next wave hits.

My brain has turned to mush and I haven’t been able to keep up on my exercise program. I haven’t been doing any crafts or knitting. No writing and I barely get to my emails every once in a while.

I can only think this will continue until the weather changes. So I won’t mention it again. I’ll just try to soldier on. But if I go missing for days on end, you will know were I‘ve been. In bed wishing I was anywhere else in the world.

I hope you are having a better time and enjoying better weather.


rabbitIng said...

hey, you're entitled to complain when things get grim. You're bound to feel fed up when you're plagued so much. I will send you some healing thoughts and look forward to your blogs when feeling better!

Rebecca Nazar said...

Hang in there, Euphoria. I know it's tough. Some of my friends are trying tanning beds for the first time to stave off the blahs. Take care of yourself, my thoughts and prayers.

Rachel May said...

Hoping you feel better soon. I am sending you jedi healing waves as we speak. Much love, Euphoria!