Sunday, July 19, 2009

On What’s Next:

I’m still catching up here on the web reading the blogs I missed when they first came out. Sleeping in to catch up on the missed hours not in bed because of the dog.

Lady Short, our older dog, is doing some what better this morning. She even took a small walk in the yard. This after days of doing her business where she lay, even as she slept. She also hasn’t had a seizure yet today. (Crossing my fingers and hoping I didn‘t jinx things by saying that.)

I’m having another go at getting knitting projects done. I’m finishing the lace for the wedding and deciding on what clothes to bring to wear on the wedding weekend at the retreat center.

I’m doing good on my weight loss since the Wii game came to live at my house. Five pounds so far. I don’t get to do the exercises every day. You can’t do anything with a migraine, but what I have been doing is working.

I have pictures to take and show you of Mountain Man’s wall. I have to go on the roof to get them and I haven’t climbed up there yet. But this afternoon Mountain Man is going to get the ladder out for me.

Things are starting to come back together again. And I can take a breath and let it out slowly without wondering, what’s next.

Here’s to hoping all our days are less worrisome in the days to come.

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Judith said...

I'm sorry that your dog is not doing so well. It's always hard when our furry friends are ailing.

Congratulations on the weight loss!