Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On My Absents:

I’d like to say that I was kid napped by pirates or aliens, but I wasn’t. It was just the stars aligned against me and I was left adrift in a world of no phone, computer, car or friends.

I’ll start at the beginning.

On the day I last blogged, July Fourth I believe, after I blogged I then read the other blogs I follow and look in on until about eight in the morning. I turned off the computer and went back to bed with a head ache that was trying to get worse. I woke to the phone ringing in a strange way around 9:30. A small ting with the rest of the ring missing. I was grateful because of the migraine I now had and I answered the phone.

Mountain Man had arrived at his destination and would call around 3:00 PM before he hit the road again for home. I went back to sleep.

I got up around 2:00 PM to bathroom and eat a bit before taking more meds for my head. I was surprised that the phone hadn’t rung all day but glad. It was a holiday so I just figured everyone was busy elsewhere and I had to get rid of this headache before the fireworks started up at sundown.

Mountain Man got home around 5:30, I’m feeling someway better, and the first thing he asked was, how come he couldn’t reach me on the phone when he called? I told him I was in bed all day and we checked to see if I hadn’t hung up the receiver properly.

No phones. Well not until they had all been unplugged and plugged back in. No worries, right?

Next day, No phones and no computer connection. What the ???

We buy some new phones and phone line. Replace the phones and lines and as expected, we were back in business. (By the way while out the car door starts to give Mountain Man trouble again.) He gets on web to find out about the car door.

I get ready to blog again. I write a blog to move onto my site and when he gets off of the web I try to get back on with my computer. Nothing doing! I go to fiddle with the new phone line incase I hadn’t gotten the new line in right and the computer gives me a shock. A burn on the finger. The phone lines are dead again and the computer is humming busily away like nothing is the matter.

Computer working but shocking anyone coming near to it, and the phones are out again. I go out to let Mountain Man know we have a bigger problem then before, only to find the car with the doors off, and two of them apart.

The car is in one piece again, I won’t go into the days of waiting for it to be fixed the other days of migraines and the computer waiting for a new modem to replace the one that had died.

All I’ll say is my computer is home from repair, we have all new phones and lines again, I don’t have a head ache, and I’m looking for a new car.

And I’m very glad to be back.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Yikes! Major glitch. Glad you're back, trooper. :-)

Mouse said...

I am so glad that you are ok! I was wondering what happened to you but I couldn't remember if this was the time you were going to your daughter's wedding.. so I didn't want to shoot you a "OMG are you ALIVE???" type email. Just know you were thought about, worried about, and missed in your absence. *hugs*
(BTW.. I electrocuted myself with a lamp, smacked up the car in a parking lot, and my digital camera DIED -- all last weekend. *sigh*)

Judith said...

Totally, utterly weird. I wonder what's going on?

Glad to have you back, though.

rabbitIng said...

gosh, you don't do things by halves, do you? glad to see you back, though. and glad your headache's gone. keep smilin'! best wishes, Ingrid :)