Saturday, July 18, 2009

On Being Sleepy:

I’m tired. The older dog, Lady Short, our Pug has been having some bad nights. I got up so late yesterday morning that I never did catch up with myself.

So, here I sit very sleepy trying to get my day started.

I don’t do caffeine. Not since the breast cancer anyway. Its not that I did it much before. But it was nice to have it as a back up, when I did need something to get me started.

I’ll be going back to bed once Mountain Man takes over his shift of watching the dog. But it won’t be for long. He has a commitment elsewhere today. So for the better part of the day I’ll be on my own on the dog care front.

Watching a loved pet grow too old to care for itself is hard. I’m glad to give him the break. I watched as they bonded on the day she came home with us. They’ve been conjoined ever since. She would even wedge herself between our legs whenever he took me dancing in the kitchen on a whim.

We tango these days without having to watch out for her little paws in the way. She didn’t seem to know that we are there as she slept on her pillow on the side of the room as we swayed to the music last night.

This morning she is sleeping quieter now. How does she know in her sleep, that Mountain Man just got up for the day. His turn to watch her.

I’m going to slip off and get back in bed. My turn to get a bit of uninterrupted sleep. But in a while I’ll be back to watching. Back to being the deathwatcher again.

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Mouse said...

*hugs* My thoughts are with you, mountain man, and your sweet doggie.