Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On The Wedding Day, Part 1:

The wedding couple wanted an outdoor wedding including the planting of a bush. The wedding was set to start at 4:00 PM on the lawn by the wedding arch.

The wedding day dawned with a hot muggy rain. Intermittent as it was, we didn’t go for more than twenty minutes before it would start to rain again. The weather report kept on changing by the hour, but each time I checked the percentages for rain in the afternoon it kept on going up.

Each time the rain stopped for a few minutes some of the guests and workers dashed out to set up the chairs out on the lawn for the ceremony, set up the tables under the reception tent, or dig the hole for the planting which was then covered so it didn’t fill with water.

After everything was set up they would go out to tip the chairs to get the bowl of the seats emptied so that they might dry by the ceremony, each time the rain would stop.

At one point in the early part of the morning I had a melt down upsetting the bride. I have to tell you that I really did try not to go there. And I was taken to the wood shed by more then a few people. (To any of the people involved who read this and thought you were helping, you made things worse. My daughter and I talked, made up and were okay. I on the other hand, almost didn‘t make it to the wedding for your interfering.)

There was also a morning brunch that was punctuated with the arrival of the guests that didn’t stay at the retreat center. The wedding party went off to get their hair done. The flowers were made into the bouquets and off to the places that they were decorating.

All this time I was sewing my top for the wedding. I did this by hand not having my sewing machine with me. I had been busy crafting up to this time and was still hoping that it would be cool enough to wear the sweater I had made and was planning to wear. It was just too hot and sticky of a day to wear it and not faint away.

Fortunately the last rain shower came at about 3:30. There was just enough time to tip the water out of the chairs once more before the guests were to take their seats.

I got done making my top with just enough time to do my makeup and be ready to go out to my seat with the others. I didn’t get to do my hair up and grabbed a hat, hiding that fact. I missed my daughter getting ready and being in that part of the wedding prep and pictures.

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