Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On Projects Started in July:

Well here is ‘Ratty’ for lack of a better name. All felted and put together. Thank you to Karen at Spinning Goth for helping me by suggesting I wash him in the washer. It was then that I realized in the washer I use water softener. I have hard water and that is probably why it didn’t work when I tried to felt him by hand. When done, I stuffed him and put a squeaker in his nose. Squeak, squeak, eek!

After Ratty turned out so well I knitted up a pair of socks to felt, out of the same yarn. I could use some sock type slippers. I’m just waiting for the next load of Mountain Man’s jeans to accumulate in the laundry to felt them with.

I’m tatting lace for another handkerchief in purple. The next one is blue unless I get an order for another color first.

After seeing some pretty lace jam jar covers at a friends house. I crocheted my own version for the pint jars of pickles that I have on the table for lunch meals daily. I like to have something pretty on the table everyday. I am making these in several different colors of crochet cotton for different moods and these will help a lot in the pretty department without a lot of work for me. Just slip one on a pint jar and tie a bow.

The black shrug is still on the needles. I have projects for different things. Take along, in the car, doctors office, meetings, and the like projects. And the at home projects. Well the black shrug has become my knit in bed before I fall asleep project. The trouble is that lately I’ve been falling asleep soon after I get in bed and I haven’t gotten much done on it. And I’ve started a throw in a simple pattern that I’ve been doing while watching TV or DVD’s. Too big for a take along project.

Things I haven’t been doing this month: reading much, writing (Only my blogs), the doll house stuff, working outside in the yard. The exercise that I’ve been doing has taken a chunk of time out of my day. An hour of yoga, walking at least a half a mile with weights, and climbing the stair machine. I liked it better when I was peddling away on the exercise bike while I was typing away at the computer writing stories. That or crafting. I’ve done a lot of miles of lace making, knitting or crocheting on that bike or even reading. But my knees have given out on that scale. I loved getting double duty out of my time. Getting older isn’t easy.

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Belinda said...

oh my , that rat is very cute! :D