Friday, July 18, 2008

On First Writing Class Night:

Well I went to my first writing workshop class last night. It was a small group by design. But was made smaller by circumstance. Only two of us made it to the first class. The other four called and are suppose to start next week.

After the teacher (Who, by the way, is an old friend.) told us what to expect we were off. We explained who we were and why we were here, what we liked to write and for how long we have been writing.

We took turns reading portions of something we had already written or were currently working on. After it was read out loud it was gone over for mistakes, unclear parts, and things that didn’t make sense.

I read two ‘slice of life’ pieces. The first on kids having summer fun, that needed some work and the other on sitting bored at a meeting with a surprise ending that went over well. Apparently I managed to make boredom interesting even before the end.

The other woman is writing a children’s book I believe, as the main characters are preteen’s. And since I don’t have her permission to share here I’ll leave it at that. I will add that I liked what I heard and want to hear more.

We ended the evening with me being peppered with questions about Blogging. Like I’m some expert or something being at this for three months. But I was the only one there that had done it.

I have homework: Write ten minutes or more a day on any subject. And a full page piece on, Someone I find important to me.

Okay, so I stayed up late last night and did it already. Not to be a suck up. I just knew that it would turn into a novel in my head by the end of the week if I let it, so I didn’t. And the ten minutes a day is already covered since I write for at least an hour each day anyway. And that doesn’t include doing the blog.

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