Thursday, July 31, 2008

On Projects in July:

(I’m putting this in today because I will be talking about my writing class tomorrow.) I have been knitting socks but I will not show you them until the thirteenth of next month. I made a few more lace edged handkerchiefs. Plus the other projects I already talked about this month.

I finished the tote bag I had knitted last month when the color of handle strapping I was looking for came in. I added wide elastic inside the top to reinforce the top edge. It helps keep it from stretching out and still gets around the things you are putting into it. That is eight large size chips bags in there.

I found out that the local shop that I was selling my lace jewelry and bookmarks in is closing. I have to collect my inventory and find a new venue.

I started a February Lady Sweater. The lower lace portion is in purple and the yoke is a dark variegated purples and blues. I only had to start it over three times.

The first time I chose a size too large. The second time I put the button holes in too large. (Forgetting I had changed to smaller buttons when I decided to make it a smaller size.) And the third to make a purple border of the collar and button strip so that the variegated color didn’t run out too high on the yoke part of the sweater. It is going well now I think.
Thank you Pamela Wynne for a fine and fun sweater for big girls.

As to my weight loss. I only lost two pounds. But with Shining Son’s death day in the first week of the month I won’t beat myself up about it. I have reached the highest level of the yoga video I have been using most mornings. I still have a long way to go to get back close to the level I was at before the cancer.

I have started to use a card payment system for my food count. I went back to the old standby of calorie counting. I made up cards with different dollar denominations on them. When I eat I pay out from my available calories. When I’m out I don’t eat any more that day. When I have any left I bank them for special occasions or pig outs. It feels kind of like monopoly dinning.

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Joan of Dark said...

That bag is just awesome! You are crazy talented lady...