Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On The Lack of Wheels:

We have been experiencing mobility difficulties. Our car is in the shop. Since we do not even drive it more then three times a week. And only that much occasionally. We felt that we could live without it for a few days. Even a week if we had to. We have not gotten a rental as of yet.

I have rarely felt as tied down, hemmed in, restricted and incapacitated as I do right now. Just knowing that I ‘can’t’ makes me want to all the more. I want to get out of here.

I don’t need anything. My larder is full the garden is producing fresh food. I have extra toilet paper on the shelf. I have more then enough materials for projects to keep me busy.

This of course makes me feel childish. This ‘You can’t so you want to’s.’ I want to feel evolved. Grown up. Above it all. Instead I bounce off the walls like a kid on sugar.

Would I be going anywhere? No, I have too much to do here with my crafts and canning. Would I find the time to go anywhere this past week? Not at all. I’m just too busy to go anywhere right now even if the car was working.

So why do I have an insane need to go somewhere just because I can’t?

Maybe it was because they told us it would only be a few days and has now been more then a week. Maybe because there haven’t been as many people around since the gas crunch. Maybe because I’m not as grownup as I thought I was. I’m not sure. I just know I feel the need to go.

So if you see me on the highway walking all those many miles into town, give me a wave. I gotta’ go.

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