Monday, July 28, 2008

On Distractions:

I have been suffering from Distractions. I get this condition from time to time. My mind slips sideways as I am working at doing things. This results in mistakes, kafuffles, lateness and frustration.

I am generally an efficient person. I get right in there and get the job done. No fuss or muss. But lately I have been trying to get things done only to find I have to redo things. This has leaked into my crafting projects. Rip out stitches, rework projects, use up valuable time and deal with frustration in myself.

I don’t have children as an excuse. No hectic work schedule. I do have deadlines.

Lately my daily deadlines consist of: Taking my pills on time each morning, doing my exercises, getting my blog out, getting my homework done and getting food processed before it is inedible.

The first four work themselves out well. But once my day has started the food processing begins. Gathering, separating, cleaning, paring, processing, canning, cooling, wiping, labeling, and shelving. And of course cleaning up after.

This is back braking work. Hot sun, bugs, slugs, bending, pulling, hauling. Cleaning, pealing, paring, cutting, chopping, steaming, cooking. Washing jars, lids, rings. Heating jars, ladling into jars, wiping jars, lidding and ringing jars, processing jars. Preparing next batch. My mind gets dulled.

Don’t get me wrong I love canning our own food. But it is hard work with little creative mind skills involved. My mind takes off on vacation into stories in my head and mistakes follow. Distractions, self made distractions. All because I have a high creativity quotient. So now my mind seems to want to dance away even while I am creating and crafting. I have had to rip out rows and rows of knitting more then once in the last few days.


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