Thursday, July 24, 2008

On Happy Surprises:

I was going to show you the knitted doily today but I have other news.

I was talking to my daughter the other day about how I went shopping for a laptop and that they were all so expensive. I didn’t what or need all the bells and whistles. I just wanted a glorified portable type writer. Something I could use to write with when I wasn’t at home and then move the information back to my main computer (Rupert) for all the rest. (You know playing games, emailing friends and family.) I came home empty handed.

Yesterday the UPS guy came to the house. Princess Daughter and her boyfriend, Prince Charming, sent me something to help me out with my writing class. It’s a refurbished laptop. I love it.

I can write anywhere. You may never get me to shut up now. All the lost inspiration of the past forgotten. I can now whip out my Think Pad and write out the scene or blog idea before I loose it. With the added benefit of the weight loss from carrying it around.

Yes, I know I will have to hook it up and recharge it at times. Or even have it attached to the wall as I write. But I am no longer stuck in a dark bedroom corner full of my clutter to write.

Yes, that is my dark cluttered corner in the background of the picture of Lady Short and Lady Long on the bed.

I spent the evening sewing a new tote bag for my new friend. I want to keep it safe and all it’s gadgets together. Of course this is only for trips off of the property. The rest of the time it will be being busy helping me be brilliant. My new best friend. I think I’ll name her Gladys.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Rupert and Gladys became really good friends? Rupert is a Vista and Gladys is XP after all. We will see how far it goes.

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