Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On Batting Practice:

Well I had an interesting evening. I was knitting and watching the TV when Lady Long started to whimper. I looked over at her on the bed, thinking to myself, this is strange. She thinks the bed is the best place in the world and she never complains when she is there. I go back to my knitting.

The Dog whimpers again. But this time I as I look at her I see out of the corner of my eye something flying around the room. We have a bat in the house.

I holler for Mountain Man but he is outside harvesting slugs in the garden for the fish in the pond and can’t hear me. I try to grab the dog and shut the bat in the room. But it is now dive bombing the dog. It flies out of the room and I jump up and close the door hoping it doesn’t start bothering Lady Short out there in the kitchen.

Mountain Man comes in and I holler through the door about the bat. He opens the door and shoos it out. Thankfully the thing cooperated. But then again Mountain Man has had practice over the years. We get a bat inside about once every other year.

Now I don’t have anything against bats in general. In fact I like to watch them flying over the field out back in the evening catching bugs to eat. But I do not like them trapped in the house. And when they start to get aggressive I want them gone.

I’ll take bat patterns on my clothing, bat motif on jewelry, pictures, toys, figurines, caged, and even bats in my belfry. But not bats flying around in the house.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures. Had he not bothered with the dog I would have grabbed my camera. But Bats can carry rabies so better safe then sorry.

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