Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On Domesticities:

Mountain Man has been getting wood for the wood pile. We have wood heat. He has also been busy trying to stay ahead of the weeds in the garden.

I’ve been shelling peas and freezing berries. As the crops start coming in I get a little more domestic. Kitchen oriented.

I cruse on over to vegan yum yum on the web and drool over the food there. (Not only is she a well known cookbook writer and great blogger, she also lives next door to my daughter and Princess Daughter, also a vegetarian, just loves to munch on the extras after a photo shoot. Yummy stuff.) I just love her Knitty Cupcakes, of course mine never turn out so well in the looks department but my tongue doesn’t mind at all.

I did say I’m a vegetarian right? Well I am. Not for any other reason then health and allergies. Once upon a time I ate Bambi with the best of them. I had no trouble butchering and eating the cows we once had and their calves too. Not even the named ones. We raised them for food. That went double or the chickens. They have had their revenge. I am allergic to animal protein. No red meat, poultry or fish. And did I mention I was allergic to peanuts too. Yup, all my life.

So anyway, I’ve been in the kitchen a lot these days. This has it’s good and bad sides. We of course need to have the food put up. Canned, frozen or dried. But it puts me closer to the refrigerator. And I tend to peck away at the food in there.

Our life style is such that we try to do for ourselves and lessen the need for money. We live simply. We live with less. Did I just say that? Me with all that stuff in a sliding piles on my desk? Yes I did. I may be a clutter bug but it’s clean clutter and a small house. And I can’t think without some crafting project in my hands. I know you know what I mean.

Anyway, I am finding it harder to loose the weight being in the kitchen so much. Any suggestions on fragrances that are nice but not the thing to make me want to eat. I’d heard that green apple is a appetite suppressant smell. My trouble is I love green apples. Maybe something floral? In the mean time, Happy Berry Season everyone!

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