Sunday, July 13, 2008

On Funny Grandma Honored or Silly Day‘s

My grandmother was a witty woman. A lot of people in my family were and are. One day my Grandma’s grown nieces came with their kids to visit her. We went over to grandma’s house too and all had a good time.

A few days later Grandma noticed that someone had written on her kitchen calendar, ‘Send niece #1 $25.00’ on a date in the next month. So Grandma took it up a step and sent her $25.00 in Monopoly money. A silly thank you letter was returned.

On the pages of the next months Grandma found things like Call Kalamazoo or Take a trip to Walla Walla on the pages. These were usually on or around the 13th of the month. And monthly silly letters ensued.

My grandmother has been dead for many years now. And my mother only has a few of these letters still saved. But I have decided to renew the tradition in my grandmother’s honor. Some of them will be from my Grandmother and the rest will be from other people in my extended family.

Today being the thirteenth I’ll kick it off with: Re-fold Your Maps Day (Kindly created by my brother.)

Re-fold Your Maps Day

We all have them. Maps and large instruction sheets to projects that lay neat and orderly in a glove compartment or drawer. Some are not so neat but they all long for freedom, sun shine and fresh air. They also greatly want to sport a different look from year to year.

Don’t delay. On this Holiday of Re-fold Your Maps Day move swiftly before time runs out and collect them and your friends with their maps together for a Re-folding party.

All you need are neatly or otherwise folded maps and your two hands. (Spindles are not required.) Caution! May lead to mutilation.

Take the maps or instruction sheets and lay them out open on a flat surface. Any open outdoor space with a breeze; a lawn in the yard, a park or a park lot is a good place to start. Once flat and wrinkled from fighting with the breeze, take the two opposite corners and place them together. Continue folding in any method you desire until they are folded in a new and interesting shape.

Happy Map Re-folding Day. Now don’t forget to put it on the calendar for next year. They’ll be waiting.

Next month on the Thirteenth, Annual Socks in Sandals Convention

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