Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On Knitting Confessions:

I have a confession to make. Not a deep dark secret or anything like that. But it does cause me consternation. “I am a Continental knitter.” There I said it. And you can put those things down that you were getting ready to throw at me. Let me explain.

I started out as an English knitter. I knitted that way for years in fact. But some things got messed up in my head with the chemo treatments or maybe the seizures and I had to learn how to do some things over again. I was taking stock of the things I could do and knitting was one of them. So I moved on to relearn the other things all over again.

When I picked up my third knitting project after the cancer treatments I was having trouble half way into the thing when the new pattern made a change I couldn‘t understand. It was then realized I was now a Continental knitter. I had been knitting that way and I hadn’t realized it until then.

I tried to relearn to knit in the English fashion but after a few stitches I find myself back in Continental. I did give it a good long try. Weeks in fact. When that became too much of a frustration I hung my head and gave into being a convert.

The consternation comes from reading patterns. I still have trouble transferring some stitches and I can’t write a pattern of my own out in the English stitch way. Sorry but my brain just doesn’t work the way it used to. So that is why I haven’t been having my patterns here for you to try for yourself.

I am an English knitting drop out. A Continental knitter. And a failed pattern sharer. If anyone knows of a place I could get a conversion of stitches list out there. I’d be very grateful. (And so, I think, would be all the other closet Continental knitters out there too.)

I want to share but I’m not about to get a bad reputation for faulty patterns when I’ve messed up in converting them.

Thanks in advance, Lady Euphoria

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BlackCrow said...

Hi Lady Euphoria! wow I certainly wasn't expecting to read everything what I just did on your blog, I don't know what to say but I'm deeply moved by the story of your son, and certainly know how you feel as I just lost my best friend, saw her on Friday briefly, we hugged and said we'd catch up on Sunday, she died Saturday night in her sleep!
Everything still seems so surreal, she was such a big part of so many peoples lives. Its just so bloody hard to understand!!
Big sigh!
Hey I'm a continental knitter!! I'm the odd one out in my knitting group.
I'm confused as how a pattern could be different just because of the way you knit...but then I've not know any other way.
I might have to investigate this conundrum!
I miss Severina, I wonder what she's up too. I bet she would be albe to help.
Well I'm off to do some studio stuff, and thanks for leaving comments onmy blog.
Sorry if I got a little emotional its still early here and I've not had breakfast of coffee!!