Monday, July 14, 2008

On July Mid Report:

Well another week starts. Maybe I should have started the silly stuff on a Monday. Still onward and upward. Giggles or Groans what’s done is done.

I don’t know what is up with me lately but I started yet another new project before finishing the others. I think it has something to do with the class I’m starting on Thursday. I’ve been feeling all little kiddish lately. That could have been what started the silly stuff too. Who knows.

As it is almost the middle of the month I’ll run down the projects so far.
Casket basket - I finally remembered to buy the dowels needed for it and was back to work on that yesterday. Throw for bed - one sixth done.

I knitted one Woodin doll (Thank you Anna Hrachovec at Mochimochi Land.) in purple cotton for the neighbors grand kidlet who was visiting. I tatted two lace handkerchief edges in purple. I crocheted more pint jar covers in still more colors. We took a trip to another two cemeteries and got more pictures. I made two things for the doll houses. And I started knitting a new scarf.

I’ve been doing more writing. Slice of life stuff in different writing styles to practice up for my class. Exercising my gray matter.

As for exercising my body. The humid weather has me cutting back a little there. Weight is steady. No up’s or down’s. Time to cut back on some more calories I think.

I added more of my music CD’s onto the computer. I’m still reading Ring World by Larry Niven in fits and starts. (It’s a Sci-fi and I do better with that in the winter. Summer is when I do more of my re-reading. I‘ll probably re-read it in the winter and not be able to but it down.) The garden is growing. The veggies are getting canned, frozen or dried as needed. Summer marches on.

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