Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Finished Knit Lace Doily:

The main difference in knitting a lace pattern and knitting lace itself is that you are knitting with thread instead of yarn. Yarn has give and forgiveness in stitch variances more readily. You have to have steady uniform stitches to make lace.

If you have a nice even stitch to your knitting you just might be ready to try knitting lace yourself. If you are not sure, give knitting cotton yarn a try first. It has less give to the yarn.

Last week on the 19th I showed you the first 12, 24 36 rounds.

Here is 48 rounds.

Done before blocking.

All 58 rounds blocked. The last edging row is crocheted. Finished size is 12 inches or 30 centimeters across.

The pattern can be found in The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework by The’r’ese de Dillmont 1884 originally in the French immediately translated and published world wide.

I have the 1972 paper back reprint by Running Press. The best sixteen dollars I spent back then. It covers most any kind of needle work. From darning to fancy embroidery, bobbin lace and tatting to knitting and crochet. Twenty sections in all. Just the fancy Victorian tassels are worth it. 700 pages with illustrations. If you like old hand made Victorian needlework? This is the book for you. Just remember some words have new meanings now over a hundred years after she wrote it.

In the knitting section she has sock/stocking making in sections. Five heals to chose from and four different toes. She explains the top, knee, leg, heel, foot and toe.

Someday I’m going to knit myself a pair of stocking. But not until I loose some more weight.


Obsidian Kitten said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

Carolyn McNeil said...

Looks very nice!I'm looking for something similar to make for the arms of my sofa. My cats have clawed some holes in the arms and I would like to cover them with something small by pretty like your doily...Can't afford a new sofa at the moment...
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