Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On Time Lost:

Sorry I didn’t blog this morning like I usually do. The day started all wrong.

First thing when I got up I headed to the bathroom. I had to go so I didn’t take the time to grab my glasses. First mistake.

While going through the family room I see a large green toad on the rug. Not the first time a toad, frog or other outside critter had gotten into the house. I jump over it as I sprint to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom I find that one of the dogs had been sick during the night. And although I am glad that the dog did it on the linoleum I make gaggy sounds and get myself to the toilet before I add to the mess. I have now forgotten about the toad in the family room.

I put the dogs outside so there are no more surprises. Then I head for the bedroom to get Mountain Man up and elicit his help. I don’t do sick since the cancer treatments. And it takes quite a few minutes to get him up. Who wants to wake up to that?

I get dressed in my yoga clothes to start my day. I emerge from the bedroom with my glasses on my face to see the toad still sitting in the middle of the rug in the family room. Mountain Man took care of the sick, so I’ll handle the toad. It is sitting right on the spot I place my yoga mat for my morning exercise. And I want to get started so I can get into my day.

I crouch down to get him to move along toward the kitchen door. Only to find that it was not a toad after all it was a green pile of goo from the wrong end of a dog. I yell for Mountain Man as I head for the bathroom holding my mouth closed.

I step lightly as I go from room to room looking for more offences. I don’t want any more surprises today. And the clock is marching on.

After Mountain Man gets rid of the bulk of what was found. Out comes the carpet cleaners, disinfectors, brushes, blotters and other cleaning stuff. The rug has wet spots in the center and I have no where to do my yoga exercises.

I move furniture around to find a new place that has the room I require and now hours later then usual I exercise. Breakfast to follow now that I can eat. I do my post yoga morning bathe, change my clothes and look at the clock.

Eek, It’s after noon and I haven’t even started the computer up for the day.

So here I am with a sick dog and cleaner rugs. Trying to get the time back. Where did the time go?

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