Friday, June 6, 2008

On Projects I have Gotten Done So Far:

Here are the promised pictures of the projects I‘ve finished since I started this blog. (Refer to yesterday’s blog.) I had to talk Mountain Man through the process. To me it is as simple as can be. Pop out the memory card from the camera and into the computer. Tap, tap zap and I’m done.

But it went more like this:
“Could you do something for me?”
“Like what?”
“Help me with the pictures for my blog.”
“Is this going to take long?”
“No, you just have to take the memory card out of the camera and put it into the computer.”
“Where is the camera?”
“On my desk with the computer.” (There are four desks in the house.)
“And you expect me to find it on that disaster area?”
“It’s not that bad. I organized some of that stuff last month.”
“Where is it?”
“Probably under the knitting.”
“Okay, I have it. Now what do I do?”
“Flip open the little door on the side and take out the memory card.”
“Which little door? Nope that’s the batteries. You know I don’t understand this stuff.”
“Here, give it here. Where are the batteries?” I remove the memory card and replace the batteries. Then hand him the memory card.
“What am I suppose to do with this?”
“You put it in the little slot in the front of the computer.”
“At the top there is a group of slot like holes in the front of the computer. One of them will fit just right.”
“Wait, I need to get my glasses. Which way do I put this thing in?”
“Label on top.”
“The blue side or the white side?”
“Which hole?”
“The one that is the same size as the memory card. I think it’s on the left side. All the others are too small.”
“Why didn’t you just say it was the biggest hole?”
“I didn’t think of it or I would have.”
“How hard do I push it in?”
“It doesn’t go in all the way, some of it sticks out so you can remove it when you’re done.”
“It’s not like a disk? Like a drawer?”
“No, more like plugging in a cable.”
“Then why don’t they just make a cable for your camera to hook it up to the computer. Okay, I have my glasses now. All done.”
“Is the curser on the box that says ‘download pictures to computer’?”
“Do you need me to put it back in the camera?”
“Later, when I’m done.”
“Okay, I’ll be back later to check on you.”

The pictures:

The knitted Shrug

The knitted Black Lace Winter Scarf

The tatted Lace Edged Handkerchiefs

The crochet Victorian Pitcher and Glass’ Covers.

I also knitted six wash cloths from left over ends of cotton yarn from other things I’ve made. Those I didn’t bother to take a picture of. And I still have to find a way to get the pictures to come out for the Victorian short cape I knitted. You can’t see the detail in the pictures because it’s black on black. Maybe when I’m up and around again I’ll change the color of the ribbon trim so you can see it in the pictures.


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Karen said...

Those are beautiful! I especially like the lace-edged pieces, both tatted and crocheted.