Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On Projects in the Works:

I’m back to my happy goth self, even though you can't see that in the picture. I finished making the ‘Hallowig’ in black textured yarn. Homespun from Lion Brand. Mine has a Cleopatra feel to it so I’ve decided I need to get out my beading and make a head dress for it. But I’m leaving that for another day. I’m knitting another shrug again but in black this time. And I’m knitting a large tote bag for toting my stuff around in. It’s a Cream cotton so you and see the stitching. I’m doing bands of varying stitches on it kind of like a sampler. Just something to have fun with as I’m knitting it.

I’ve finished writing one book of a set I started a year ago and I’ve started the other. (I always have more then one book in the works at any given time so each one takes longer to get done.)

I have plans for making over some of the treasures I found at the thrift shop. As soon as I clean the clutter off my crafting/sewing table and can set up the sewing machine. And yes move the stuff out from in front of the cabinet that the sewing machine is stored in. So maybe not today. And I do have my cancer group meeting to go to this afternoon also.

This morning I just finished doing a new Yoga exercise DVD. Not ‘new’ new. Just new for me. And for those that are interested it is Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss with Suzanne Deason. I think it is one of the better yoga DVD’s out there and I have quite a few of them. You can get it with or without the book from And it has four levels of workout variation. This is great for people like us who have to modify some exercises do to injury, like my knees and Mountain Man’s back. (Yes, Mountain Man does Yoga too.)

Mid month update: As to my weight loss/exercise program. I’m up to doing a whole video or more each day. Stair stepping for fifty steps. (My knees won’t take any more then that, I‘ve tried.) and walking for a mile or more with weights each day. I haven’t lost any more pounds but I am gaining muscle and energy so I think I’m in the ‘trade off’ stage. I’ve been loosing fat and gaining muscle so it’s all good and my clothes are fitting better again so something is happening.

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