Monday, June 30, 2008

On In the Month of June:

Let’s see, since the middle of this month when I up dated last.

Knitting: I’m still working on the cotton tote bag. I’ve torn out whole sections time and time again. But it is more done then not. The black shrug is also still on the needles. The rat is getting ready to have another try at being felted. This time in the washer later today. And a bought some fancy purple yarn on clearance.

Lace making: Once the humid weather came. I haven’t done much lace making at all. I did start on a miniature for the doll house.

Doll house: I collected some more stuff to remake into things for the dolls. I started the curtains and curtain rods for two of the rooms. (Yes, I know I still have nine rooms of windows to put in. And a few doors too.)

Other crafts: I started working on the casket basket. I made three necklaces. I sewed some more tote bags because now that we do all our shopping on the same day and less often, we ran out of bags half way through the day.

Writing: I’ve gotten the two kids stories about the dolls into proof reading. I finished a Victorian fantasy of book. Worked on four other books and started three more.

Other things going on: My sister-in-law Lady Lovely and her husband Sir Success came for a visit. They are now retired and having fun with their lives. This trip was also to see their kids and grandkids along with other extended family and friends. They started out around here but have moved south to retire. We had a very nice time with them and wished it could have been longer. They live so far away we only see them once a year or so.

Me: I’ve been exercising regularly. The yoga is going very well. I reduced my calories a bit more. And in the last two weeks I’ve lost two pounds and that is just the rate I want to loose. So I only have around fifty more pounds to go. Let’s see fifty two weeks in a year. Yah, I can do that. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

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