Saturday, June 28, 2008

On Pine Needles and Old Dogs:

Frustrated by my un-felted felting on Thursday. I waited to see if there would be any replies to my call for help on Friday. And I moved onto another project while waiting. I started to collect pine needles so I can make a pine basket.

Of course I am not making the one in the book. No Not I. I am onto bigger and better things. This will probably lead to a disaster. But if it keeps me out of the refrigerator I’m happy. I tend to nibble myself into a sweets food coma when it is hot and humid. And It’s too hot and humid to work with threads or fibers well.

So far I‘ve gotten five baskets full of pine needles. Lady Long wanted to play with them but I wasn’t letting that happen. Well not in the family room anyway.

I saw some very nice basket coffins on the web and got an idea. Since Lady Short is slowing down in her old age I thought I’d just make her a basket coffin myself. Nothing on the scale of those beautiful ones at Somerset Willow Coffins but I’m going to give it a try. If I don’t get it done in time, large project that it is with a lid and all. I do have a baby doll that is meant to be sleeping but everyone that sees it says it looks dead so I’ll just put her in it.

So that is where I’m at. Waiting for some help for my rat. I did try to stuff it but the pieces are still too long and it looks funny. So I didn’t sew it together yet. I’ll wait a bit longer for some help for him before I send him to the dogs.

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