Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On Getting Through Tough Times:

Well the dog is doing better. Not all better but better. If you missed yesterday blog that will explain it. Thanks for asking.

Prices keep going up and that brings a frugal person like me to tears. We keep on getting less for more. And to top it off the vegetable garden keeps on taking hits. Too much rain, hail damage, seed that just didn’t sprout, and slug and bug damage. This hurts a lot because as part of our do it yourself lifestyle, we depend on those veggies to get through the year.

There is quite enough doom and gloom to go around. And things look like they will get worse before they get better. So I’m open to any tips for doing more with less and I’ll share them with all of you here.

We will try to get extra uses out of what we do have. Like clothing that is ripped and worn out being made into quilts, remades and rags so we don’t have to by as many rolls of paper towels. As to remades, holes in knees make the pants into shorts, holes in elbows made into short sleeves or sleeveless. Or something else entirely, pants leg bottoms made into small bags to keep things organizes, hats, fingerless gloves, etc. Even cut into strips and knitted into rugs and other things. And stained clothing will get dyed or appliquéd over.

I will serve more leftovers. Put them in a blender and purée them to add to other recipes, sauces and soups to stretch them. Stale bread and crackers will become breadcrumbs and the dreg ends of cereal boxes, cookies, will become ice cream toppings.

I am going to reduce the amount of things I throw away without thinking about it. I’ll reuse containers for plant seedling in, paint them and use them for storage of smaller things in drawers. I already use my own clothe bags when I shop.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated. Any good ones I get I’ll start a side column of those tips. If we can’t help each other to get by now that times are getting tougher, what are we good for?

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