Saturday, June 14, 2008

On Knitting Something New:

The weather has been humid around here so I haven’t been making much lace. The tangle factor turns into a knot fact, stretching my patients.

I’m in the no mans land of finding just the right pattern for my needs, abilities and tools on hand. (When my youngest sister got into knitting in a big way I was in a ‘not so much anymore’ phase. I gave a lot of thing away while I was having cancer treatments. And I gave most of my knitting stuff to her. She is an amazing knitter by the way.)

I am now building my collection back up. And calling my sister weekly to see if she has that pattern I liked so much for that shawl, mittens, hat or scarf. (You know, the one with all the notations on the side.) We live more then a hundred miles apart. So sharing them is not an option.

I’m a so-so knitter. I spend a lot of time pulling out stitches and fixing mistakes. But what I’m left with in the end is usually what I started out to make.

I bought myself some wool yarn for felting. I have never felted before. Well not intentionally anyway. I have enough yarn to make a matching set of hat and mittens. So the hunt begins for the right patterns. I have a small head and generally get stuck wearing kids hats. That or having my hats held on with hat pins.

The way I see it by the time I find a pattern I like and will fit me right, buy or make the needles I still need to get the project off the ground and knit/re-knit them, then felt them, I’ll have it done by the end of the year. I go slow when I approach a new craft. I like to understand all levels of construction and creativity of a thing.

So for now you can find me pouring over patterns and deconstructing design until I have the right ones.

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