Saturday, June 7, 2008

On Computers and Heat:

Sorry for the late posting today. While typing my blog in the heat of my un-air-conditioned house. We hit 92 degrees inside the house and my computer stopped working. I of course lost the content of said blog and after cooling the system down I had to start over.

Although on occasion I have written a blog the day before, I am not in the habit of having them all lined up and ready to go. So having lost the train of thought I was in before the computer stopped working you will get a rant from me instead.

First off I hate Vista. This needs to top my list. I will not bore you with the innumerable ways that I dislike this system all you need know is that I do.

Second I hate all computers that eat pages of my writing or even chapters and loose them in the abyss of time and space.

Third If I can stand the heat, and know that I’m not good in this department, why does my computer zap out on me even when I give it the best fans in the house to help it along.

Fourth Sims. (This is a two parter) Why can’t they put out a quality product. And why does my Vista stop me from playing said game every time I finally get the new patch so I can load the newest extension or add on pack that I waited until the patch was out before cracking open the seal on the box.

Enough for now. I’m going to soak my head in a tub of cool water. See you tomorrow when I will post before the heat of the day. Have a nice one.

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