Friday, June 20, 2008

On the Summer Solstice:

Today the day of the summer solstice. We in the northern hemisphere will have the longest daylight and shortest night of the year.

It must be hell for Vampires. I wouldn’t know I’m not counted in their numbers. And apparently wiccans and witches will be dancing naked under the moon tonight. A friend invited me once. All I will say is mosquito bites in bad places. But I digress.

The news casters on my TV were outside playing children’s games. And all of us are expected to have fun in the sun. But it got me to start thinking. Is there a winter solstice ‘To do’, ‘thing’, ‘get together’ for Goths on that day? I myself have never heard of one. And no I have not been living under a rock. Which led me to thinking about the old Be In’s. I was at some of the first ‘Be In’s’ In central park (NYC) back in the sixty’s and seventy’s.

(Yes, I know I’m dating myself. But for you who do not know what that is. A ‘Be In’ was held generally in a large park and people would gather in very large numbers and just hang out together. People would bring games and food to share and play their musical instruments, sing and get to know other people, ideas and cultures for the fun of it. It was usually announced on the radio that a ‘Be In’ was taking place at a given place and people would just show up.)

If there was a major Goth culture group back then they would have been there. Everyone showed up. Mom and Pop with kids in tow to the freakiest of freaks. All talking and having a good time together.

Anyway, today is suppose to be that kind of day according to the news people. And we know that they are never wrong. (Tongue in cheek.) They are calling for a ‘be in’ of sorts.

So do I go out in the sunlight and join them? Or do I sit on the sidelines out of the sun and miss out on the experience? I think it’s a good day to get my parasol fixed and see what the other folks are up to.

Meet you at the park?

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