Sunday, June 8, 2008

On The Many Rocks of Mountain Man:

My husband, ‘Mountain Man’ has a hobby. This is a good thing. Well most of the time anyway. He plays with rocks, stones and the occasional bolder. Well he doesn’t 'play', play with them, he stacks them. He moves them. He moves a lot of rocks. His hobby is being a dry stone mason. Not one of these projects of his is put together with concrete. He stacks them so they stay.

I told you before I would get around to showing you pictures of some of Mountain Man’s building projects.

This is the wall at the back of my outdoor room for sitting, reading and watching birds.

This is one of the many balanced stacks of stones.

The wall to the south of the garden.

Me standing in front of the wall south of the garden. I'm 5'2" by the way.

There are more of his rock walls, towers, and other things around. Someday I’ll show you them to you too.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! What an amazing hobby.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Thank you for your response.

Mountain Man was quite pleased that someone had noticed. He is working on another wall in fits and starts. I will show it in a later blog.

Lady Euphoria