Monday, May 12, 2008

On Young Men:

I was recently visiting my mother and she also had other visitors at her home. We were all there having a work day. My mother is getting older you see and is not able to keep things up to snuff.

The other woman there had her two sons and younger son’s friend there to help with the muscle. The eldest son left early to return the truck used to move some unused furniture out of the way and then go to work leaving the younger two gentlemen to do the remainder of the physical work.

These two twenty something’s were left to try to out do each other for my benefit. They flexed and preened, kidded and joked. They dared and mocked, poked and prodded each other all in an effort to gain my attention.

I know I was just a new audience for their goofing around but it has been a while since young men put on their show for me. They tried to shock me with stories of there might and prowess, they took off their shirts and showed off their tattoos.

Of course they didn’t know what to think of Lady Euphoria Deathwatch but it wasn’t going to stop them from trying to impress her. What does one do with a woman oddly dressed and old enough to be ones mother? One tries to impress of course, especially if ones friend is present.

They found it hard to ruffle the feathers of the lady. They went so far as to discuss the drinking of blood. I am not a vampire goth but they had to try. They even got down to sharing hopes and dreams that they had kept to themselves to this point. Only managing to shock each other with their insights. They did try hard to impress.

It was a long day and after a while they ran out of material and subjects to exploit and settled down to eating their pizza. But it was fun to have young men falling all over themselves to try to capture my attentions for the day.

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