Friday, May 30, 2008

On Weight Gain and Loss:

I appeal to you dear readers. I need to get back on the weight loss trail. And I am going to use you for my accountability if you don‘t mind.

Back in the day. You know, high school. I was 135/140 pounds. I gained with each pregnancy and lost it after that. I had my ups and downs due to illness and such. But the last weigh gain was after my son died and I self medicated with food (mostly chocolate) and I hit 250.

I was loosing and down to 200 when I found the breast cancer. (Thank you new nipple piercing at that time.) And had to stop loosing because they don’t like to have to keep adjusting the meds and I didn‘t have the energy anyway. After that I got back on the weight loss trail again and was down to 160.

I hurt my knees a while back and had to stop doing the exercise bike that had netted me those weight loss pounds. So even though I was trying to just use my vegetarian health food diet I gained back 25 pounds and I’m back up to 185. I don’t do fad diets. What I really do need is to have a better exercise program. So I am starting a Yoga/Tai Chi program today. That along with walking and just having a active lifestyle. I’ll add more as I get stronger and as needs be.

I do need to loose this excess weight for my knees if nothing else. So every once in a while I’ll post my progress and let you know how I’m doing. Probably weekly for a while then monthly until I hit my goal. I’ll try not to bore you with my weight loss saga. I keep it down to a little notation at the bottom of my blogs for the most part.

Maybe this way with all of you looking on, I’ll have the incentive and get the pounds back off. By the way my goal is to go down to 130 pounds and the reward Mountain Man is offering me is a new corset when I get there. No, It’s not like that. He asked me if I wanted a prize in the end and what I would like. I can have a new corset any time I’d like. I’m just too frugal to waste the money for a new something I don’t intend to be in this time next year.

Thanks in advance for the help. A size 18, Lady Euphoria

(Starting today. 185 lb., 30 min. yoga, 1/ 2 mile walk, 50 steps on stair stepper so far. And I‘m sore.)

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