Saturday, May 17, 2008

On Keeping Busy:

Today I’m keeping busy. Mountain Man is off doing his own thing. He has his own interests and convictions, and I respect that. But this leaves me with a day to myself.

A day to myself is nothing new. I get them on a fairly regular bases. But he has the car and no one is coming over to visit. It’s a beautiful day to get things done so everyone has their own things to do.

But today I am feeling the loneliness of the day greater then I usually do. So I am bound and determined to keep myself busy. I have tomorrow to brood in.

I finished the mourning handkerchief. And both to my frustration and relief I had to take out my knitting of the shrug and start over. The dye lot of purple yarn has changed and so I am stuck with only the yarn I have and my yarn being a little too short by a few rows. (The new dye lot is a little darker.) So I had to take it out and start over making the rows narrower by a stitch. Of course I discovered this after I had knitted over a hundred and fifty rows. I took out the knitting a few days ago and let the yarn relax. This morning after I finished the black tatted lace that I made, then I sewed it onto the white handkerchief. After that I re-started the shrug.

I was glad to have a project to keep me busy even if it was one I had to start over. I put a DVD in the machine and watched the Addams Family do their Black and White thing yet again for me as my stitches accumulated. I took a break at row fifty to make lunch and give my hands some rest. I also sat down at the computer to check in and see what everyone else was up to. But it looks like most everyone else is busy elsewhere. So here I sit blogging about nothing much. Even my muse is gone on vacation it seems.

Tomorrow has it’s own things for me to do but today I sit by myself and try to keep busy so I don’t get too lonely by myself for the day.

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