Thursday, May 22, 2008

On Projects and Time:

I have been working on a few projects this week. With the weather being so poor, Monday started with a heavy frost and then later in the day it snowed a bit, then rain on and off ever since. Days of it.

A few days ago I finished making a hat. A poke bonnet or prairie bonnet in black mole skin. (No, not real mole skins but fabric that resembles mole skin, thus the name.) Being in black it looks kind of Amish in style so I need to trim it with something distinctly un-Amish. I am still deciding on that trim. I used black grosgrain ribbon for the tie. I’ll have to get a picture of it to show you. Any trimming suggestions?

Last night I finished the shrug but I didn’t have the time to take pictures and put them with today’s post. And yesterday I also had my bi-monthly cancer support group meeting and one of the woman there liked my new mourning handkerchief so much she asked me to make her some handkerchiefs in other colors. I can’t say no to her because she is into an advancing stage in her second cancer. (Not that I wanted to say no.) She is a lovely woman and I just can’t say to her, “You’ll have to wait for them until I get some other things done.”

So I put everything else on hold to start to make the handkerchiefs for her. I’m not complaining but I felt the pull of the new collar I had started a few days ago. I don’t like to have too many projects in the works. I do of course, but I don’t like it just the same. There is a point that even I am overwhelmed but them and I am getting close to hitting it.

My husband, Mountain Man, looks at me dubiously. “Another project?” He says.

“Yes, It’s for my pink lady friend.” I reply sweetly. (She likes to dress in pink.)

“Don’t you ever get any of these things done?” He asks and turns to walk out not waiting for an answer. (To him it’s all one unending craft project.)

Mountain Man and I know the answer to this conversation. We have had this conversation oh so many times before. My life ‘is’ a never ending series of projects. So is his of course but his tend to be outside and mine tend to be inside. We have a few acres so he has a bit more space to work with then I do. Some day I’ll have to show you the dry stone wall he is building.

But anyway I am now working on some handkerchiefs for a friend and the other things I want to get finished will have to wait.

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