Sunday, May 25, 2008

On Memorial Day. An open letter to the troops:

Today I look beyond my own small world and take in the day that nearly everyone in the USA is celebrating this week end. Memorial Day is a day to honor the fallen dead in defense of our country and what it stands for.

We (my husband Mountain Man and I) just got back home from the cemetery. We were putting a flag and marker on my husband’s father’s grave. Mountain Man’s father was in WW2.

There are more and more of them each day, those souls that have given their lives for a dream of a better world and to give others still in the world an amount of safety.

I myself have never served in the armed forces. My husband did and so have others I have known. It is not an easy task to undertake. And to die for what one believes in goes beyond the call of duty in my estimation.

The world would be a much different place without the peoples of the armed forces keeping things in check. Life is a balancing act to be sure. But these people walk a much thinner line then I do. And I respect them for that.

Hale the conquering hero and may they all come home safe and sound. But remember too the gallant dead. For that is what this day is for. A Day of Memorial to those that have died in service to our country and ourselves. May they forever rest in peace.

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