Thursday, May 29, 2008

On Trying to Keep Up:

I have been furiously making the lace for the handkerchiefs. I have the two purple ones done. Well the lace is made but I haven’t tucked the tails or sewed the lace on yet. And I am starting the pink as soon as I’m done here.

Yes, I did take off some time to do a few other things. Like this morning I made three sets of wooden knitting needles. I get wooden dowels and cut them down to length. I bought some wooden end caps too. I sharpen the one end in the pencil sharpener and then sand it all down with extra fine sandpaper. I use an emery board to sand down the other ends to fit the end caps and glue them on. Three sets of knitting needles for less then a dollar a pair. You can’t go wrong with savings like that.

It has also been hard to get the lace done with all the bandages on my blisters from working in the labyrinth and that still isn’t done yet either. Maybe a flame thrower would get the job done faster. Know where I could get one cheep?

I watched the movie ‘Shall We Dance’ while I was making lace this morning. I so want to learn to tango properly. Mountain Man and I dance in the kitchen every once in a while when the mood strikes. But I do have to say he has three left feet where dancing is concerned. I have no hope of winning a tango competition with him. He does do other things very well so I let this one slide. So much for the saying, ‘Dancers make the best partners in bed.’

Anyway, I hope to finish the pink lace by tomorrow some time. Then after I sew the lace on and press them, off they will go to Lady Pink. And I can get back to making the lace for the collar on the men’s shirt turned Victorian blouse.

Well back to work for me.

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