Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On Many Rooms and Stuff:

I want a castle with many rooms. I have stuff you see. In no order of importance, I need a room just for my doll houses and all their stuff, and that is just to have their little world all set up. I need another room just for all the crafting projects that are in the works for the dolls, their doll houses and the other things of theirs. I need a sewing room. A crafting room, for the rest of my crafting projects. A lace making room. A museum room. A music room. A library. An exercise room. A media room. A kitchen with many pantries. And a laundry room.

I want a study, just for me to write in. A game room. A plant room/solarium. A living room. A family room. A parlor. A dinning room. Some bed rooms with large closets. Bath rooms. A room for art and one for a gallery of family pictures. A dancing/ballroom. A breakfast nook. A room to think and brood in. A little cozy room to read and sip tea in. A secret room with nothing but cushions on the floor. And add some secret passages for fun.

And while I’m at it I want an attic full of interesting old things and trunks of costumes just to explore in when I‘m in the mood. And with it all a full staff to keep it all in order for me. I also want views. Views from turrets. Views from balconies. Views from windows. Views from the grounds. And with that a full staff of gardeners. I want rooms outside too. Walls of hedges or stone with seats and statuary, bird baths and flowers inside.

I want a world of my own. A safe and happy sanctuary for all my stuff and me.

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