Monday, May 26, 2008

On Holiday:

Today is a holiday, as in a day off from work and an excuse to get away from home, or at least do something different at home. We went to the cemetery yesterday and put out the flags there and around the house. The cemetery is a little too crowded for me today.

We chose the stay at home option. I made a picnic meal and we eat it outside under a tree in the yard. Mountain Man didn’t do the barbecue. Not for one turkey burger.

The dogs think that this is one of the oddest things they have seen in a while, this our eating outside. We did eat at a folding table with chairs. I have learned over the years that if the dog are with us the food does not sit on a blanket on the ground. And anything that hit’s the ground is fair game for them.

We had the regulars of potato salad and baked beans. I had a veggie burger and Mountain Man his turkey burger. All the fixin’s for the burgers. There was salad both veggie and fruit. Fruit juice on ice. A nice light meal for the two of us.

The bugs came to feast as we ate. The flags fluttered in the breeze. The dogs wiggled and whined.

Of course this was just a respite. Mountain Man had been working in the garden since sun up and I had been cleaning the house, doing laundry and sewing a new summer skirt with a bustle.

He is now building a stone wall and I’m writing to you while the dishes soak in the sink. Yup, another holiday at the old homestead. And we seem to be working harder then ever. Some things never change.

Maybe I can find some water balloons for a little later?

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