Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On Cemetery Pictures:

This past week ‘Mountain Man’ and I went to an old small cemetery. I got all dressed up in my Victorian mourning dress and he had the camera. I had put this new ensemble together earlier in the week as my old one was too large since I’ve been loosing weight. We had a good time with me posing and him taking the pictures. Mountain Man is not goth but likes to walk in cemeteries too. I couldn’t wait to get home to load them into the computer so I could see and play with them. I resize and make them Black and White and or Sepia. But, I thought I had a meeting with my cancer group that afternoon. So we rushed off to the hospital annex with me still in my mourning dress.

Now the meeting is this week but I walked from the car park through the hospital to get to the non meeting, then to the day room up stairs where Mountain Man was reading and waiting for my meeting to end, and through again to get to the car park. The stares I got were something to behold. Lady Euphoria Deathwatch walking the halls of the hospital, well you could imagine. People were tripping over themselves trying to get a better look. Although I do like to dress in public on the odd side of fashion with a Gothic Victorian flair I’m not in the habit of scaring sick or distressed people to death. I leave that to Master Death himself.

I did get to play with my photos sooner then I thought I would and I was so thrilled about how the pictures turned out I put some of them into my blog page to share with you. They are the pictures in the header and by my profile. I hope you like them.

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