Thursday, May 8, 2008

On Lilacs in Bloom & Projects in the Works:

The lilacs are blooming around by my house. The fragrance is heady, thick in the air. Mountain man brought me a large vase full and they are sitting on my desk trying to obscure my view of the computer screen. It smells wonderful in here. I’m still sick but doing much better by the way. Now I only have a coughing fit if I try to talk. So I’m not doing much talking.

I finished knitting the Victorian short cape I was making and now I only have to tuck in the tails, block it, put in the interfacing in the neck band with the collar stays inside to make the neck stand up straight and tall then add the closure and ribbon trim. It sounds like more then it is really. It’s the blocking that takes the time.

I would add a picture but I’ll have to figured out a way to show it better. The detail on the black is not showing up well in the pictures. Yes, there are a few draw backs to black on black clothing.

We are getting ready to take some more pictures for my stereograph next week. (That is an old fashioned three dimension viewer with the cards with two pictures on each of them. Kind of like the old view masters pictures in the wheel.) I make my own stereograph pictures. I don’t have an old stereograph camera but I do okay with my digital camera, some tricks of sizing the pictures right on the computer and some good old fashioned cutting and pasting with glue and scissors on cardboard once I‘ve printed them out. I just can’t get any action shots, not that there were many of them back in the day. Anyway I’m hoping to be doing better by then. I’m want to get some good shots of the wisteria arbors in the yard. They should be in full bloom by then.

But for now I’m sitting back and enjoying the lilacs.

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