Friday, November 28, 2014

One More Down

Because I've been troubled of late with broken family issues I did feel a small sigh of "Glad that is over." blues a bit by the end of the day.

My memory harkened back to large family gatherings at Grandma's house.  Good food!  Good conversation!  Good times!

Grandma was a wonder of diplomacy, strong but in a loving kind way, the kind of person you just wanted to be good for.  We all were better people at grandma's house, and we thanked her for it.  She was a good cook too.  (And she loved me for who I was.)

By the time she died, there were no less than 27 at her table(s) in her small little house for Thanksgiving.

Those lovely crammed holidays were wonderful.  We played together, laughed together, enjoyed each other.

I will always miss it...  Or maybe just miss her.

I am moving forward.  I know that I will get use to the fact that those days have been gone from my life for a long time now.  And that they are not coming back.

Mountain Man and I had a lovely time of our own yesterday.  We shared our little feast with the dog and cat.  We sat and watched the parade and football together.  We played a game.  We looked over the snowy landscape out the window and snuggled by the woodstove.

It wasn't a Grandma Thanksgiving, but it was wonderful in its own right.

I'm gonna' get the hang of this new life I have.  And I think I'll be a lot better for it.


Lucretia said...

Your Thanksgiving this year sounds lovely! And so does your grandmother. She sounds a lot like my great-grandmother, who was totally awesome. She died when I was three, but I've heard so many stories about her that I feel like I knew her, too.

Yesterday was quiet for us,too. Just me, Martin and our nine cats. He made a lovely orange chicken dinner, and for dessert we had a chocolate torte from Trader Joe's; our one nod to tradition was the cranberry-orange relish, also from Trader Joe's. My son and his girlfriend said they will come over this afternoon, as they were at her parents' place yesterday. Quiet is good; it's much easier to think of our blessings and be grateful for them when it's quiet.

whitey said...

I think there is a peace that comes with getting older it comes to me a little at a time.

whitey said...

I think that there is a peace that comes with getting older it is coming to me a little at a time